The Best Roofing Systems from J. E. Wilson in Saint John

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All Types of Roofing Solutions with High Tech Approaches

Have the right roof that resists every drop of rain and melted snow. Find out where your roof is losing heat to customize its much improved replacement. J. E. Wilson Roofing & Ventilation’s infra-red roof scan begins your perfect roofing solution with accurate data from current technology. From traditional to cutting-edge, residential and industrial roofing from J. E. Wilson is what you want and need, including:

  • Built-Up Roofing Systems
  • Tar and Gravel
  • Metal
  • Shingles

Efficient and Durable Modified Bitumen for All Roofs

Bitumen – more commonly known as asphalt – has been modified to give you a superior covering suitable for residential, commercial and industrial roofs. J. E. Wilson Roofing & Ventilation uses modified bitumen with a two-ply membrane for reinforcement that gives you the benefits of:

  • Durability, Stability and Strength
  • Rubber-Like Properties for Flexibility
  • Efficient Installation
  • Installation with Built-Up Roofing Systems

EPDM: Flexible in Cold and Resistant to Heat

EPDM – coming from a formula of ethylene, propylene and diene monomer – is a synthetic rubber membrane that gives you outstanding performance. J. E. Wilson’s roofing technicians are factory trained installers, and you receive our written guarantee for an EPDM roof’s ability to protect your home or business in New Brunswick’s climate. EPDM gives you:

  • Flexibility and Crack Resistance in Cold Weather
  • Resistance to Hail, Weathering and Abrasion
  • High Resistance to Wind Uplift and Damage
  • Superior Heat and Fire Resistance
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