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Our Associations and Affiliations

J. E. Wilson Roofing & Ventilation has been providing roofing and ventilation services to homeowners and business owners in Saint John and the southern New Brunswick area. We have dedicated our knowledge and experience to providing quality workmanship to all our customers. Contact us for more information about our work. As one of the century-old businesses in the area, we are associated and affiliated to the following associations:




"In business for your business. Since 1971.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is the country’s champion of small businesses. With over 110,000 members, we’re Canada’s largest non-profit organization devoted to creating and supporting an environment where your business can succeed.

Across Canada, we advocate for small businesses with politicians and decision-makers. As a non-partisan organization, we influence public policy based on our members’ views, ensuring that you have a chance to affect the laws and policies that affect your business.

We provide specialized business resources, including on-call counselors, to help you navigate the daily challenges of running your business. We also offer partnerships with carefully selected service providers to deliver savings you won’t find elsewhere. And we keep you informed on key issues, so that you can focus on managing your business.


Our Mission and Vision


Your independent business is built on your ideas, plans, and aspirations. You dream of success, and our mission is to increase the chance of that happening by offering more resources, more value, and making sure your voice is heard at all levels of the government.

We want to see a Canada where small businesses like yours can thrive. Everything we do is in pursuit of that vision.”

Construction Association of New Brunswick

Construction Association of New Brunswick

“The Construction Association of New Brunswick Inc. (CANB) is organized and structured as a federation of associations:

  • CANB - Moncton Northeast

  • CANB - Fredericton Northwest

  • CANB - Saint John

  • Electrical Contractors Association of New Brunswick

  • Landscape New Brunswick Horticultural Trades Association

  • Mechanical Contractors Association of New Brunswick

  • New Brunswick Roofing Contractors Association

  • Masonry Industry Association of Atlantic Canada

  • New Brunswick Merit Contractors Association

  • New Brunswick Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association

  • Architects’ Association of New Brunswick

  • Association of Consulting Engineering Companies NB

  • Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of NB


CANB is designed to perform a coordinating function for reaching consensus and to effectively present the industry's collective views to various client groups, particularly to relevant departments and agencies of the provincial government. The province of New Brunswick has long recognized CANB as the official and reputable voice of the industrial/commercial/institutional building sector of the construction industry.


The degree to which CANB is able to attain its main goal is dependent upon the aspirations and the collective will of its member associations. The associations control the decision-making process and direction of CANB's efforts through their respective representatives on the CANB Board.


CANB must attempt to ensure that any of its commitments, undertakings and/or actions are representative of the majority views and wishes of its member associations. This is necessary to satisfy the various regional and specialty constituency interests and is essential to CANB's continuing credibility.


CANB has worked hard to achieve its current status of being recognized as the voice of the industry, on matters of broad significance within our province. Its member associations help to strengthen this position by continued cooperation.”

Saint John Construction Association

Saint John Construction Association

Proud members of The Saint John Construction Association who is responsible for Labour Relations at J E Wilson.



“Celebrating SMACNA's 75th Anniversary

The Sheet Metal Contractors National Association was established in the state of New York 75 years ago as of October 18, 2018. Visit the 75th anniversary page and see all the work and effort that has gone into reaching this important milestone.


The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA) is an international trade association representing 1,834 member firms in 97 chapters throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and Brazil. A leader in promoting quality and excellence in the sheet metal and air conditioning industry, SMACNA has offices in Chantilly, VA., which is outside of Washington, D.C., and on Capitol Hill.


Who We Are

SMACNA members work in industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential markets. They specialize in the following:

  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

  • Architectural sheet metal

  • Industrial sheet metal

  • Kitchen equipment

  • Specialty stainless steel work

  • Manufacturing

  • Siding and decking

  • Testing and balancing

  • Service and retrofit

  • Energy management and maintenance”

New Brunswick Roofing Contractors

New Brunswick Roofing Contractors

“The New Brunswick Roofing Contractors Association (NBRCA) is dedicated to maintaining and promoting exceptional roofing practices, the safe delivery of quality roofing systems, and the protection of the public’s interest related to low slope roofing applications. Our members are professional roofing contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, and quality assurance observers.


Founded in 1969, NBRCA contractor members, supported by associate, consultant, and observer members, and by well-trained and highly skilled employees, have installed more than four out of five roofs in the commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors.


The NBRCA is affiliated with the Canadian Roofing Contractors’ Association (CRCA) and the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) in the U.S. We are an advocacy group on roofing issues on behalf of our members, the industry, and the general public. We participate in advisory committees for many construction industry and government agencies.


Membership in the New Brunswick Roofing Contractors Association is based on the successful completion of an extensive screening and qualifying process. Applicants are screened for business and technical expertise, financial stability, and their history of providing professional service to customers and clients.”

Master Roofers Guarantee of New Brunswick



In the late 1980s, New Brunswick Roofing Contractors Association (NBRCA) members formed a committee to look at introducing a five-year guarantee program, similar to extended roof guarantee programs in other provinces. They were inspired by industry and client concerns about the longevity of some built-up roof membrane system installations and the desire for improved roofing specifications.

In February 1990, a group of NBRCA members incorporated a new company; the 
Master Roofers Guarantee of New Brunswick Ltd. (MRGNB). The shareholders were, and are, active roofing contractor members of the NBRCA and the Canadian Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA) that have met stringent quality screening and made a financial commitment to the guarantee program.

The first edition of the MRGNB Roofing Specifications Manual was published in May 1991. This edition described the technical requirements for built-up roof (BUR) systems to qualify for the 5-year guarantee program. Although based on the existing CRCA Technical Manual, the technical requirements for a system to qualify for an MRGNB 5-year guarantee were often more demanding. This supported the overall goal of more durable and longer-lasting roof systems.

Selected SBS modified bituminous membrane roof systems were added to the guarantee program, and to the technical manual, in December 1992. Selected SEBS kettle modified bituminous roof systems were added in March 1993.

An updated MRGNB Roofing Specifications Manual was released in April 2000. It included all of the systems covered in the original manual and subsequent additions to the guarantee program. A fully adhered EPDM single-ply membrane system was added to the guarantee program in January 2005 and supporting additions to the technical manual were issued.

In 2007, the MRGNB began the process of developing a complete manual update. The current MRGNB Roofing Specifications Manual, issued in 2010, was again updated in 2013 with the launch of the MRGNB Proprietary Extended Guarantee Program.

MRGNB members provide a roof system performance guarantee and are collectively responsible for the guarantee program. The guarantee certificate is an undertaking by MRGNB, its shareholders, and the respective roofer. In addition, our Proprietary Extended Guarantee Program adds a written undertaking issued by the membrane system manufacturer providing further protection for the building owner and roof design authority.


MRGNB Guarantee Program Benefits

Our “classic” and extended warranty programs offer advantages to all stakeholders in any MRGNB-guaranteed project.

Benefits for Owners

  • Independent Quality Assurance Observation (QAO) of the roofing application by a trained and approved observer during the course of the roof installation. The observer documents that the roofing application is consistent with the project specifications, the MRGNB Roofing Specifications Manual, and the membrane system manufacturers’ written requirements (See “A Few Words about QAO” below).

  • In the event that the original contractor cannot fulfill their roof repair obligations under the warranty, MRGNB will arrange for the repairs to be completed by an alternate contractor at no cost to the owner.

  • The owner is assured that the MRGNB-guaranteed system incorporates features appropriate for the New Brunswick environment.

  • The owner is assured that work has been undertaken by an MRGNB shareholder contractor with a demonstrated commitment to quality workmanship.

Benefits for Designers

  • The MRGNB Roofing Specifications Manual becomes an integral part of the project specifications, reducing concerns about professional liability by referencing recognized roofing application standards that are supported by the MRGNB.

  • The systems described in the MRGNB Roofing Specifications Manual incorporate system enhancements appropriate for the unique New Brunswick environment.

  • The specifier has access to MRGNB technical support during the development of the project documents, including a complimentary service for the review of roofing project specifications and drawings.”

Canadian Roofing Contractors Association

Canadian Roofing Contractors Association

“Members of the CRCA Canadian Roofing Contractors Association (are the most knowledgeable roofing contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers in Canada. We advocate for and keep our members informed on matters of national and international interest.


As the voice of the Canadian roofing industry since 1960, CRCA promotes collaboration within the industry from coast to coast. We also represent and defend our members’ interests, and support them to excel in business both professionally and technically.




The Canadian roofing industry is innovative, dynamic, respected, and successful – with the highest professional and technical standards.



CRCA leads the Canadian roofing industry, advancing the success of roofing contractors through technical expertise, standards of practice, and collaboration with industry partners.”

New Brunswick Construction Safety Association

New Brunswick construction Safety Association
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