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Ventilation and HVAC Services in Saint John and Southern NB

J. E. Wilson Roofing & Ventilation expanded into ventilation services from its original roofing business that included custom sheet metal work. From air conditioning to heat pump systems, we provide custom-designed solutions for your ventilation problems, with your roof installation as a standalone service. For all your HVAC requirements in Saint John, contact us for a free on-site estimation.

Good Ventilation Keeps You Safe

Adequate airflow throughout your home or commercial building is important to keep the moisture in control. Ample airflow through your living and working space can keep you safe from any damage to your home or your health. It can help you avoid mold and other elements that may be harmful to you and your family or employees. Moreover, a good airflow can keep away unpleasant smells coming from various sources such as pets and cooking. Whether it is air conditioners, heat pumps, or ducts, we can help you install, repair, and maintain your ventilation systems.

How We Can Help

From installing your air conditioners and cleaning out dust from your ducts, to installing rooftop ventilation units and repairing heat pumps, our staff is well-equipped and knowledgeable to satisfy your ventilation needs. We provide ventilation services for the following:

  • Air conditioning/HVAC
  • Dust collection 
  • Heat pumps
  • Rooftop units
  • Custom Ductwork 
  • General Ventilation Parts

You can also turn to us for general ventilation parts and custom ductwork. Our team will make sure your home or commercial space is well-ventilated, avoiding any damage to your property.


Need New Heating Systems?

Our ventilation experts can help you install heat pumps and more!

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