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Residential Roofing Services in Saint John and Southern NB

Are you experiencing problems with your home’s roof? It’s time you get an expert to examine your roof before you start facing bigger problems. J. E. Wilson Roofing & Ventilation can help. Whether you have a flat or shingled roof, you can rely on us to provide any installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance services you may require. For any and all residential roofing services in Saint John and southern New Brunswick area, contact us.

Workmanship Guarantee



Our priority is safety. During any project, we make sure to abide by the safety protocols to avoid any damage to person or property. Our workmanship guarantee provides proof for how safely we work on each project. Also, all our workers are insured.



Our quality of work exceeds your expectations. For any residential roofing service you require, we make sure the quality we provide is up to industry standards. We believe in what we do which is why we provide written workmanship guarantee for all our work.


When we come in to talk to you about your project, we make sure to assess all possible alternatives you may have for your situation. Whether it is a repair or new roof construction, our staff makes sure to provide you with a plan that ensures the highest benefit and value.

Types of Roof

At J. E. Wilson Roofing & Ventilation, we can provide you with several types of roofs for your home. They include:

Flat Roof

If you are looking for an affordable option, then you can choose to go plain-Jane with flat roofs. This option is quick and easy to install. These  roofs are also prone to fewer damages and repair costs. They are also   energy efficient as they don’t give away any space for heat to escape. You can also increase your living space by adding a deck on the roof.


Hip Roof

When it comes to having a hip roof for your home, you are prepared for  any harsh weather conditions. This roof structure can battle rain, snow, and wind. The sloping structure doesn’t help in catching the wind which in turn avoids extensive damages. The best of all, there is no place for water  to pool and cause a leak. The slopes take care of that.


Gable Roof

The biggest advantage of having a gabled roof is that it can easily shed  snow and water.The main feature of this type of roof, the steep pitch, makes that possible. This roof type allows more ventilation for your home. If you are looking to have a spacious attic to store your belongings or to use as a room, gable roofs give you the freedom to do so.


Pitched Roof

Pitched roofs are good at getting rid of any water and snow that may stay on the roof in the other styles. They not only help you save energy  because of the natural ventilation but also give you ample attic space for  your use. They last longer and make it easier for you to collect rainwater for reuse because of the slopes.


Roofing Materials

Based on your requirements, we can help you pick the right material to build your roof with maximum utilization:

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are not only long-lasting but can also withstand harsh conditions. They also help you keep your home energy efficient. Pairing stylish custom-made roofs with their ability to resist wind, snow, water,and fire, you have the perfect combination you need in roofing material.

residential metal roofing


 If you are looking for a durable and easy-to-maintain roofing option, then   shingle roofs are meant for you. Just because they are cost effective doesn’t mean they have to be bland and boring. You can take your pick from the variety of textures, colours, and styles that usually resemble tile, wood, cedar shakes, or slate. They are widely popular materials for roofs.


Modified Bitumen

 If you’re going for a low-slope roofing system, then modified bitumen will suit your need. It is tear resistant and flexible. The fibreglass and polyester  reinforcement layers make it suitable for rough use. It also contracts and expands without losing its shape. Energy efficiency is one of  the main advantages along with its ability to reflect sunlight and provide thermal emission.


Maintenance and Repairs

We offer maintenance and repair services for all roof types. Our experienced crew, after an inspection, will know what is wrong with your roofing system and give you an effective solution based on your preferences. We’re thorough with all our work and our guaranteed workmanship alone speaks volumes of our quality of service.


Redoing Your Home?

Get experienced and knowledgeable contractors to design and build your roof.

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